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Qantas ends joint venture talks with Malaysia Airlines

9 March 2012

Talks between Australia’s Qantas and Malaysia Airlines to establish a premium airline in Asia have broken down, in a setback for both carriers.

Qantas said the two sides could not agree on commercial terms. Qantas shares fell 4% in Sydney.

Qantas has announced plans to focus on the Asia region as a way to stem losses in its international business.


Qantas’s new premium Asian airline likely to be ‘RedQ’

14 September 2011

RedQ is emerging as the most likely name for Qantas‘s latest spin-off, an ultra-premium airline aimed at executives travelling in Asia.

Qantas is attempting to trademark the name, which branding experts say borrows heavily on its heritage but is distinct enough to signal the arrival of a new entrant in the global aviation game.

The company has kept under wraps the details of its plans for the executive jet-styled airline, but Fairfax Media has learnt that Qantas’s lawyers have lodged a range of trademark applications, including those for RedQ, RedQ Executive Express, RedSky and OneAsia.


Qantas name will survive but low-cost fares are over

20 July 2008

As the dust of more job losses, grounded planes and additional capacity cuts starts to settle on the worn tarmac of the aviation industry, three clear things have begun to emerge from the gloom.

The first is that consolidation among the big players in the Asia Pacific is back on the agenda after having been ruled out by regulators such as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The second is that the short-lived era of the truly low-cost (as opposed to no-thrills) carrier is over.

The third is that the Qantas name will survive but very few of its planes will be flown under that logo in 10 years’ time.


Australians Vote Qantas ‘Worst International Airline’

29 May 2007

Australia’s national carrier Qantas has been voted worst international airline in a consumer survey conducted in the country.

The survey of 4,000 subscribers to consumer magazine ‘Choice’ also found Qantas’ low-cost subsidiary Jetstar, to be the worst domestic airline.

Singapore Airlines was voted top international airline while minnow Regional Express was the favoured domestic operator.

source: Bernama

Australia won’t legislate against Qantas break-up

24 November 2006

Australian Prime Minister John Howard said he would not introduce laws to stop a break-up of national icon Qantas Airways in a A$10 billion (4 billion pounds) buyout, citing a commitment to free markets.

At the same time, Qantas Chief Executive Geoff Dixon emphasised that buyout talks with investment firms Macquarie Bank Ltd.  and Texas Pacific Group were at an early stage.

source: Reuters

Qantas ends flight ban on phones

10 November 2006

Qantas will let passengers use mobile phones in the air but only if it is sure the chat and chimes will not drive others to another airline.

South Australian flights next year will be part of a trial to test if passengers want to make and receive calls, emails and text messages – or if they would just like some peace and quiet.


Qantas fined for misleading advertising

10 October 2006

Australia’s Qantas Airways has been fined over fare advertising, the Commerce Commission said today, relating to similar charges that Air New Zealand faced earlier this year.

Air NZ was charged over advertising, mostly between 2001 and 2003, which did not include certain surcharges such as for fuel.

The airline has since moved to using all inclusive prices in its ads.

The penalty was one of the highest ever imposed under the Fair Trading Act for misleading advertising.


Qantas No. 1 in-flight entertainer

28 September 2006

It’s not exactly the Oscars but, in the mile-high world of entertainment, Qantas has no peer, the World Airline Entertainment Association says.

The association has named the Australian airline the world’s No. 1 carrier for in-flight entertainment for the fourth time in five years.

The honour was given at the association’s annual conference in Miami Beach this month. Qantas won three Avion Awards: for best overall in-flight entertainment, for best in-flight entertainment guide and for best entertainment for inseat systems (full cabin).

source: smh