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Canada agency to review airline pet policy

27 February 2010

The Canadian Transportation Agency will review a policy at the country’s biggest airlines allowing cats in the cabin to see if it interferes with air travel for allergic customers.

The independent tribunal announced the review on Thursday after ruling that three people who are allergic to cats are, in effect, persons with disabilities because the airlines’ pet policies affect their ability to fly.

The passengers had complained about Air Canada, the country’s biggest airline, its regional carrier Jazz Airline, and WestJet Airline, the No. 2 airline in Canada.

source: Reuters

Southwest to join with low-cost Canadian airline

9 July 2008

Southwest Airlines plans to hook up with Canada’s leading low-cost airline to offer “‘seamless'” travel across the U.S.-Canadian border.

Once the partnership with WestJet is in place, customers will be able to book a flight with either carrier on one ticket. Southwest will fly its part of the route and WestJet the rest of the flight. WestJet flies to 49 destinations in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.


WestJet making moves to boost flights to Europe

20 November 2007

WestJet Airlines Ltd. is stepping up its turf war with Air Canada by forging a close link with Air France-KLM Group, Europe’s biggest airline, that aims to improve service for travellers from Western Canada to Europe and vice versa.

Calgary-based WestJet confirmed on Monday it is negotiating an “‘interline'” pact with Air France that would smooth baggage transfer and ticketing in both directions.


WestJet triumphs with best quarter performance in its history

27 October 2006

CanadaĆ¢??s low-fare airline WestJet has managed its best quarter in history, reporting record net earnings of $52.8 million, an increase of 74.5 per cent compared to $30.3 million in the third quarter 2005.

source: m-Travel