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Airline passenger traffic to surge 31% by 2017

12 December 2013

The world’s airlines will see a 31% increase in passenger numbers until 2017, according to a new forecast just released by IATA.

The emerging economies of the Middle East and Asia Pacific will see the strongest international passenger growth, followed by Africa and Latin America.

USA will continue to be the largest single market for domestic passengers, followed by China and Brazil.

Ice Hotel forced to install fire alarms

20 November 2013

The Ice Hotel located in northern Sweden is rebuilt every year out of enormous chunks of ice from the Torne River in Jukkasjärvi, Kiruna, will this year come equipped with fire alarms.

While it might sound crazy that a building made of water needs to be equipped with fire alarms, the fact that the hotel is built from scratch every year means it needs to abide by the rules that apply to every new building, rules set by the National Housing Board (Boverket).

China airline crew rewarded with cars and cash for foiling hijack

10 July 2012

A Chinese airline has given cash rewards and gifts to crew members who helped foil a hijack attempt on an internal flight, state media say.

Hainan Airlines Group gave nine crew members Audi cars, cash and property.

Officials have said six men tried to break into the cockpit using a broken aluminium crutch as a weapon, but were overpowered by passengers and crew.

The plane landed safely back in Hotan. All the suspects were detained. Officials said they were ethnic Uighurs.

What is Europe’s most-visited tourist attraction?

3 July 2012

Europe’s most-visited attraction won’t be found in London, Barcelona, Paris or Rome. It’s in Istanbul, where 15 million people swarm the Grand Bazaar annually.

More travelers than ever are seeking out Turkey’s East-meets-West history, making it the seventh-ranked country for international arrivals, with 27 million in 2010 and more than 30 million in 2011, according to the World Tourism Organization. (Six of the 10 most-visited countries are European.) It helps that the dollar has strengthened against the Turkish lira”and against the euro”and that an increase in flights to Istanbul has brought down airfares and made it an easy stopover on the way to Africa or Asia.

China forbids international tourism to Tibet indefinitely

9 June 2012

In a matter of days, the number of expected foreign visitors to Tibet has gone from millions to zero.

Chinese authorities alerted foreign travel agencies Tuesday that they would no longer be issuing entry permits to Tibet, the latest in a series of regulations being put on travelers to Tibet. The announcement follows the self-immolation of two Tibetans last week.

While many tourism agencies have learned to adapt and predict the trends on tourism bans, this closure comes as something of a shock. According to Nellie Connelly, marketing director of WildChina, a prominent travel company that regularly coordinates trips to Tibet, Chinese authorities informed the company in mid-May that travelers would only be allowed to visit Tibet in groups of five people of the same nationality. Last week, the government stopped issuing entry permits to Tibet altogether.  Connelly is in the process of rerouting customers whose Tibetan vacations are affected by the new ban. Only those Chinese nationals are allowed to enter the region.

source: ABC News

Olympic hotel rooms overbooked

30 January 2012

More than 120,000 places reserved in hotels by Olympics organisers for workers, sponsors and the media during the Games will not be needed, it has emerged.

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Locog) confirmed that around 20% of the room nights they had booked would now be returned to the hotels for them to offer up to other customers.

As part of the bid to stage the 2012 Games, agreements had been struck with hotels to provide more than 40,000 rooms, representing more than 600,000 room nights during the period. Part of the deal was that the committee promised to return any unwanted rooms back to the hotels so they could sell them in time for Games.

The rooms, at more than 200 hotels, range from five-star to budget accommodation.

source: Press Association

Electric car rental scheme hits Paris

11 December 2011

Pay-as-you-drive electric car rentals are expected to help cut pollution and reduce traffic in Paris, as the new fleet of fully electric Autiolib’ vehicles hits the French capital.

From last week, Parisians could take the bubble cars for a ride from more than 1,200 parking spots where they rest for recharge.

A subscription cost €10 a day or €15 a week, while an annual subscription of €144 subscription allows users to take the car for only half an hour each time for €5, just over the price of two underground tickets.

The Autolib’ system builds on the success of the Velib’ bicycle-sharing service and could provide a shop window for entrepreneur Vincent Bolloré and his nascent car battery business.


Rental cars ‘more eco-friendly’ than privately-owned motors

7 December 2011

Rental cars in the UK are safer and used more efficiently than some other types of vehicle, new research has revealed.

Conducted by TRL on behalf of the ‘British Vehicle Rental’ and Leasing Association (BVRLA), a study found rented motors emit 12 per cent fewer emissions than their privately-owned counterparts.

Because they are used more frequently they are cost efficient, while they are often newer and better maintained.


US: Storms complicate Thanksgiving travel

24 November 2011

Two major storms in the Northeast and the Pacific Northwest are complicating matters on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

At the same time, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have issued a joint intelligence bulletin saying terrorists could choose to strike during the holidays and everyone should stay vigilant.

Flight delays were spreading Wednesday afternoon, with Newark International, LaGuardia, San Francisco International and Boston’s Logan International airports reporting problems.

The busiest air travel days for the Thanksgiving holiday period are expected to be Sunday and Monday, the Air Transport Association of America said.

source: CNN

TripAdvisor seeks verification after hotel claims false review

24 October 2011

TripAdvisor is seeking verification after Howarth House, a hotel in Lytham St Anne, said a review posted on the property was fake.

The consumer reviews giant says its US-based content integrity team is seeking further clarification from the reviewer to ensure the posting has been placed against the correct property.

Tripadvisor adds that a review has been removed from the Howarth House listing pending feedback from the reviewer.