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News about Finnair

Finnair Europe’s safest airline

17 January 2012

The Finnish airline Finnair has been ranked as the safest air carrier in Europe and the second safest in the world by Germany’s Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC).

The report also indicates that flying has never been as safe as it was in 2011. The top ranked airline in the international survey was Japan’s All Nippon Airways.


Flybe Nordic venture given green light

23 August 2011

UK regional carrier Flybe and Finnair have completed their joint acquisition of Finnish Commuter Airlines.

This will result in the creation of Finland-based carrier Flybe Nordic.

The two carriers formed a joint venture in July to acquire Finnish Commuter Airlines from owner Finncomm for a total of €25 million ($36 million).


Finnair becomes first airline in the world to use alertness modelling

20 June 2011

Finnair has introduced an alertness model in the creation of crew schedules the first airline in the world to do so. The new scientifically determined and experimentally verified system has been formulated with the aid of the ‘Boeing Alertness Model (BAM)’. The model assesses a pilot’s state of alertness and promotes flight safety and wellbeing in work.

“‘The cornerstone of Finnair’s flight operations is safety. Finnair continually develops operating practices that support safety and wellbeing in work and takes proactive steps to reduce possible safety risks. That’s why we wanted to be involved in the Jeppesen research from the very start,'” says Finnair’s Vice President, Safety and Quality Management Antti Aukia.


Airline wants you to travel – and then tell the world all about it

10 September 2010

It seems almost too good to be true. A job where you get to travel the world and have people listen to what you think of the whole experience.

But that’s exactly what’s being offered by Finland’s flagship airline Finnair.

This month the airline is searching for four “‘Quality Hunters”’ to scour the globe and report back on all that’s good – and not so good.

The “‘Quality Hunters”’ will travel to cities in Europe, Asia and the US throughout October and November at the same time “‘assessing flights, airports and destinations.”’

source: The Independent

Breast implants cost 120 New York flights for Finnair flyers

21 January 2010

First it was free flights, hotel rooms and magazine subscriptions. Now, Finnair Oyj, Finland’s biggest airline, has a new idea for attracting frequent flyers: free plastic surgery in exchange for air miles.

About 1.3 million flyers are enrolled in Finnair’s loyalty program. Earning the 3.18 million points for breast augmentation surgery requires 120 round-trip, business- class flights between Helsinki and New York, according to a points table on Finnair’s Web site. Miles earned with the airline are valid for five years.

source: Bloomberg

Finnair to expand operations to India from June

4 May 2008

With flights to India driving its growth, Nordic carrier Finnair is adding one more flight to India in June, even as it awaits permission from the government to add more destinations in addition to Mumbai and Delhi.

“‘Currently we have 12 flights a week between India and Helsinki. By June, we will fly daily from New Delhi and six times a week from Mumbai,'” Taina Tornstrom, the director for Indian subcontinent for the airline, told reporters.

Bangalore and Chennai are some of the Indian cities that Finnair is keen on starting new services to. The airline is also tapping the traffic to Europe from India, with Helsinki as the base.

source: The Economic Times