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EasyJet upgrades forecast by 25%

29 March 2014

EasyJet has upgraded its first-half results forecast by 25%, sending its shares close to an all-time high on the back of tight cost control and the popularity of its allocated seating programme.

EasyJet has over the last year stolen a march on bigger budget rival Ryanair by introducing measures such as allocated seating and allowing passengers to change their flights in a bid to appeal to business travellers.

A passenger brings snake onto EasyJet flight

9 November 2013

A man on a London-bound plane caused panic among fellow passengers at the end of last month, when he released his pet snake from his luggage mid-flight.

Adam Gubbay, from Stoke Newington, bought a baby corn snake on holiday in Israel, and managed to get the pet through airport security in Tel Aviv.

Mid-way through the flight, Mr Gubbay released the reptile, named Milky, to give it a drink of water, sending fellow passengers into a panic for their safety.

EasyJet staff confiscated the two-foot long snake from the 24-year-old.

EasyJet asks passengers to slim down carry-on bags

16 May 2013

At present, easyJet permits a bag with a volume of 63l, with no weight limit. When a high proportion of passengers take advantage of this, there is insufficient room in the overhead bins. This is particularly true on business flights and on routes such as domestic links in Italy.

Starting in the summer, a bag no bigger than 50x40x20cm (a volume of 40l) will be guaranteed to travel with its owner – because, if necessary, it can fit beneath the seat in front. Otherwise, the bag may be placed in the aircraft hold.

The passenger will not be asked to pay, but will have to wait at the carousel upon arrival.

EasyJet to close its check-in desks

8 April 2013

The desks will be replaced by bag-drop desks, for those fliers wishing to travel with checked luggage, from April 30.

Passengers who forget to check in online will still be able to do so at the airport free of charge, but it is hoped the facility will only be used in “‘exceptional circumstances’.”

An easyJet spokesman said an unspecified “‘transition period’” would give passengers time to adapt to the new policy.

EasyJet to roll out allocated seating

17 September 2012

EasyJet has decided to expand its summer experiment in allocated seating to the entire fleet from November, after determining that assigning passengers places did not add to costs but brought in more revenues than the old “‘speedy boarding’” option.

The budget carrier started assigning seats on six routes in April, charging passengers who wanted to choose where they sat between £3 and £12. It later expanded the trial, eventually covering about 5 per cent of the carrier’s network, always with a full roll-out in mind.


EasyJet set to close Madrid base

5 July 2012

Low-fare airline easyJet is proposing to close its Madrid base from winter 2012/13 but will continue to fly to the Spanish city from other bases.

The budget carrier said it was reviewing options for its eight Madrid-based aircraft and 310 crew.

EasyJet said all pilots and cabin crew in Madrid would be offered a job in the airline’s other bases and that it hoped to retain as many staff as possible.

The airline said Madrid was delivering returns below all its other bases and that there were high airport charges.

source: Association Press

easyJet expands travel tech options

26 May 2012

Low-cost airline easyJet has extended its relationship with Sabre Travel Network to distribute its fares and services to travel agencies.

The agreement has been expanded to provide further distribution to Sabre-connected travel agencies with access to easyJet fares through the global distribution system (GDS).

Agents will soon be able to take advantage of easyJet’s allocated seating trial, which is currently running on selected routes across the network.


EasyJet and BA call centres criticised

18 April 2012

The two airlines were named among Britain’s worst performing companies in a survey of call centre responses and waiting times.

Customers contacting easyJet by phone can face a wait of up to 68 minutes, according to the study, making it the second worst company to feature.

EasyJet rejected the findings of the study, and claimed that 80 per cent of customers wait less than 60 seconds to speak to a member of staff.

Meanwhile, British Airways came third in the study’s league of “‘rudest call centres’”. It was criticised for cutting off customers who are waiting to speak to an operator.


Easyjet launches virtual card product

18 April 2012

Easyjet has launched a virtual card intended to make payment easier for TMCs and travel buyers.

The no-frills airline has teamed up with Travelport’s Enett payments specialist to offer agencies use of its virtual account numbers (VANs).

This system allows both IATA and non-IATA companies to use what Enett describes as a “‘more secure and effective means of payment’” to Easyjet and other travel suppliers.


Easyjet charges man for dialysis machine on flight

29 February 2012

Easyjet has refunded a man £50 after charging him to take his dialysis machine aboard a flight.

Andrew Williamson, 44, from Ashburton in Devon, was charged a £50 excess baggage fee to take his 22kg medical equipment on the plane to France.

He said: “‘I have to pay an extra £50 for the privilege of being alive.'”

Easyjet apologised to Mr Williamson and said it had updated its policy and would no longer charge for the transportation of medical equipment.