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Direct flight to NY launched

2 May 2008

The first ever direct flights between Edinburgh and New York were launched today.

Delta Air Lines will start the year-round service connecting the Capital to John F Kennedy airport from tomorrow.

UK commercial director Armin Venencie said: “We are delighted to offer our customers from Scotland the opportunity to fly nonstop to New York, the world’s largest travel market and leading financial centre.

source: Scotsman

Delta, Northwest to create largest airline

15 April 2008

Delta Air Lines Inc will buy Northwest Airlines Corp for more than $3 billion under a proposal unveiled Monday to create the world’s biggest airline, as carriers seek to counter skyrocketing fuel prices and a weak economy.

After racking up $35 billion in losses and finally emerging from a five-year slump in 2006, U.S. airlines are hoping mergers could lead to higher fares as combined carriers reduce flights and use their increased market power to raise prices.


Airline merger would have a big-city impact

21 January 2008

A merger between Delta Air Lines (DAL) and Northwest (NWA) or United (UAUA) would greatly extend the reach of the resulting airline, giving it influence over service and fares in more major U.S. business markets than any of them has today.

A Delta-United deal would be an industry game-changer, giving the combined carrier heft in eight of the USA’s 12 biggest business markets, according to a USA TODAY analysis of schedule data from OAGback Aviation Solutions. The analysis combines the current shares of each carrier in the big markets, establishing a rough estimate of the share the combined carrier might control.

None of the airlines has publicly confirmed merger talks, but outsiders last week, including U.S. Rep. James Oberstar, D-Minn., confirmed Delta-Northwest merger talks and the possibility that Delta-United talks could heat up.

source: USA Today

On-time flights improve for Delta, Comair

5 November 2007

Delta Air Lines and Comair, along with their fellow carriers, dramatically improved their on-time flight averages in September.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Air Travel Consumer Report ranked Delta 12th of 21 airlines in September, with 82 percent of its fights arriving on time, compared to 69.6 percent in August.

Comair ranked 13th, moving its on-time average to 80.2 percent from 67.2 percent the month before.

source: Business Courier

American, Delta raise fares, citing higher fuel costs

2 November 2007

American Airlines increased fares Thursday due to surging crude oil and jet fuel prices, prompting Delta Air Lines to quickly follow suit and very likely setting a new round of industrywide price increases into motion.

American raised domestic fares by $10 one way and $20 roundtrip in an effort, the airline said, to recover some of the costs associated with recent large increases in the price of fuel. Delta raised its fares by $10 in most domestic markets, a spokesman said.


Airlines agree transatlantic deal

17 October 2007

Air France-KLM and Delta Air Lines have agreed a tie-up over translantic flights which they say will offer more choice and value for passengers.

Under the deal, the two airlines will share revenues from flights between Europe and the US, expected to total $8bn (5.6bn euros) a year from 2010.

Closer co-operation would allow the carriers to launch new routes and run services more frequently, the duo said.

Airlines want to exploit the opening-up of US-European travel next year.source: BBC

Delta restarts non-stop service from NY to MoBay

11 June 2007

Delta Airlines, the world’s third largest passenger carrier, has recommenced non-stop service from New York’s JFK International Airport to Montego Bay.

The first flight in more than 20 years arrived at the Sangster International Airport on Saturday at approximately 10:30 am with 128 passengers aboard. The airline will operate on that route six days per week.

source: The Jamaica Observer

Delta to exit bankruptcy as US airlines sees sunnier skies

29 April 2007

Delta Airlines is set to emerge from 19 months of bankruptcy protection in another sign that one of the bleakest chapters for the US airline industry may be coming to an end.

The third-largest US carrier could exit Chapter 11 bankruptcy as early as Monday after a judge approved the final details of reorganization, leaving Delta with some 2.5 billion dollars in financing.

Delta and Northwest Airlines filed for creditor protection on the same day in September 2005, which at the time left four of the top six carriers in bankruptcy.

source: France24

Delta considers selling Comair

28 March 2007

Delta Air Lines is mulling the sale of its Comair regional airline, which is based in Erlanger, Ky., according to a report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, Delta said it expects to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy on April 30, and will likely sell off some of its assets.

source: Bizjournals

Delta prepares to emerge from bankruptcy

27 March 2007

Delta Air Lines Inc. expects to emerge from bankruptcy April 30 with an eye on returning to profitability, improving customer service and selling more assets to build shareholder value, the company said in documents prepared for an investor conference Tuesday.

The nation’s third largest carrier did not say in the documents what assets it plans to sell. The documents were filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The filing suggested Delta slightly moved up the date of the company’s planned emergence from Chapter 11 protection. It had said in a statement March 20 it expected to emerge from bankruptcy in early May.

source: NC times