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Delta tops the world’s most admired airlines

8 March 2011

Delta Air Lines has been voted the world’s “most admired airline” by Fortune magazine, managing to push the much-acclaimed Singapore Airlines into second place.

Delta has moved steadily up the ranks over the past four years to reach top spot, which was awarded to Singapore Airlines last year.

Other airlines in the top ten included major international carriers such as Lufthansa, Air France-KLM, Cathay Pacific Airways, Qantas, British Airways and ANA.

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Air France and Delta consider Virgin Atlantic bid

2 March 2011

Air France and Delta are believed to be interested in making a bid for Sir Richard Branson’s 51 per cent stake in Virgin Atlantic.

The stake is valued by analysts at anywhere between £500m and £1bn with Singapore Airlines owning the remaining 49 per cent stake, which it bought for £600m in 1999.

In November, Sir Richard hired Deutsche Bank to examine Virgin’s strategic options.

He said at the time he was being forced to review the airline’s position in the wake of British Airways’ merger with Iberia and their transatlantic tie-up with American Airlines.


Delta drops mileage expiration

23 February 2011

Delta Airlines just announced that, effective last month, miles accrued in its SkyMiles frequent flyer program will not expire, regardless of account activity.

Delta’s move underscores the major shift that has occurred among frequent flyer programs in recent years. The airlines’ main objective for their programs is no longer to promote loyalty; it’s to generate profits.

source: Chicago Tribune

Delta to pay $2 Million in disabilities case

18 February 2011

Delta Air Lines Inc. must pay a $2 million civil penalty, following a Department of Transportation (DOT) investigation released Thursday that said the airline violated rules protecting passengers with disabilities.

Delta agreed to settle the case—the DOT’s largest fine against an airline in a non-safety-related case—without admitting wrongdoing.

Among the agency’s complaints were that Delta allegedly failed to properly assist passengers with disabilities on and off planes; respond adequately to written complaints; and report each complaint to the DOT.

source: The Wall Street Journal

How much would you pay to be delayed?

25 January 2011

US airline Delta is trialling a new method of dealing with compensation for flight overbooking which could mark a permanent change in the way passengers are repaid.

The airline, which merged with Northwest in 2008 to form the world’s largest commercial carrier, is using a new system that allows passengers to “bid” on the amount of compensation they would accept for being bumped to another flight.

In the new setup some Delta travelers in the US are asked how much they would accept for being bumped when they check-in online or at an airport kiosk.

Passengers who choose a low amount are more likely to be selected to receive the compensation and be moved, meaning that those with a higher compensation cost will be allowed on the flight.

source: The Independent

Delta poised to continue airline order spree

18 January 2011

Three days after Airbus announced the largest order ever for commercial jets — a $16 billion deal with India’s IndiGo Airlines — Delta Air Lines appears set to place its own large order soon.

Delta is seeking to place an order for between 100 and 200 aircraft, with an option on 200 more.

The biggest winners likely would be The Boeing Co. and Airbus, the worlds largest commercial aircraft-makers.


Airlines eye booming Asia-Pacific travel market

27 December 2010

As Asian economies boom, U.S. carriers are courting long-haul travelers with more frequent service, cushier seats and amenities.

In February, Delta Air Lines will begin flying between the U.S. and Tokyo’s Haneda airport, three months after Hawaiian Airlines became the first U.S. carrier to do so. Delta also plans to resume Atlanta-Shanghai service after suspending it last year, and expand flights between China and Japan. American Airlines is launching flights between New York and Haneda next month, and between Los Angeles and Shanghai in April.

The expansion comes as domestic travel begins to recover, but not as quickly as travel in Asia-Pacific. The region already passed North America last year as the largest aviation market in the world. It remains the “most profitable region of the world for airlines” because of its strong economic growth, according to the International Air Transport Association, which represents 230 carriers.

source: USA Today

Airline baggage fees keep going up

16 January 2010

Continental Airlines has joined rival Delta in boosting the price for checking bags on flights within the USA and to Puerto Rico, Canada and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Delta began charging $8 more for the first checked bag and $7 more for a second on Jan. 5. Continental did the same thing beginning with tickets sold Jan. 16. So far, no other big U.S. airline has followed suit.

Continental and Delta now charge $25 for the first checked bag and $35 for the second if the bags are checked at the airport. The fee is slightly lower for bags checked in online.


Justice approves Delta-Northwest airline merger

29 October 2008

The Justice Department on Wednesday approved a much-anticipated merger between Delta and Northwest, clearing the way for creation of the world’s largest airline.

After a six-month investigation, government lawyers concluded the merger would likely drive down costs for consumers without curbing competition.

The proposed merger “is likely to produce substantial and credible efficiencies that will benefit U.S. consumers and is not likely to substantially lessen competition,” the Justice Department said in a statement issued by its Antitrust Division.

source: Associated Press

Delta adds Wi-Fi to entire domestic airline fleet

5 August 2008

Now Delta is looking to capitalize on the popularity of in-flight Wi-Fi by outfitting its entire domestic fleet of aircrafts with Aircell’s GoGo service.

GoGo will cost Delta flyers $9.95 on flights of three hours or less, and $12.95 for flights that are longer than three hours. Delta says it expects to begin to offer in-flight Wi-Fi early 2009.

American Airlines and Virgin America have been on-board for some time with in-flight Wi-Fi. Both have announced testing of Wi-Fi aboard its airliners for a limited number of flights. But Delta is making a big splash with an ambitious rollout of Wi-Fi to all its domestic fleet. This is big news coming from an airline that has been struggling lately.

source: PC World