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US airlines begin powering flights with biofuels

8 November 2011

US airlines were racing this week to demonstrate their clean energy credentials, scheduling a number of flights partially powered by biofuels.

First United Continental announced the departure on Monday morning of Flight 1403 from Houston for Chicago – or the’ Eco Skies’ test flight as the airline called it – using a mix of 60% conventional jet fuel and 40% algae-based fuels.

Then Alaska Airlines announced it would operate 75 flights using a mix of 80% conventional jet fuels and 20% biofuels starting on Wednesday. Instead of algae-base, the airline is using used cooking oil or fast-food restaurant throw-aways, said Robert Ames, vice-president of Dynamic Fuels, which produced the fuel.

These flights could encourage the rest of the industry move towards cleaner fuels.


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