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Easyjet strike action this August in Spain

6 August 2009

Two workers syndicates that operate two airlines in Spain, Easyjet and Spanair have announced plans for strike action this August in protest against senior management in both companies. Apparently the Easyjet strike will affect flights, but not the Spanair one.

The two workers unions based in Spain announced they call for 24-hour strike action of all Easyjet maintenance staff in Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Alicante and Tenerife on August 15, 22 and 29.


6 respuestas a “Easyjet strike action this August in Spain”

  1. julie sims dice:

    Dear Sir or Madam, I am flying with easyjet on the 22nd August 09,i am worried that my flight is going to be cancelled,if the strike goes ahead,i have rang easyjet many times but no one can tell me for sure if the strike is going ahead,as you can understand i need to know as i am worried that my flight will be cancelled at the last minute,hope you can help,my booking ref is EFPCWXR.hope to hear from you.Mr M.Fegan.

  2. Jean Johnson dice:

    We are due to fly on 29th August at 6.00 am. What will happen if easyjet is on strike. thanks Jean Johnson

  3. m shawsmith dice:

    my grandson is flying from stanted airport on saturday 15th august first flight out to alicante
    if the flight is cancelled how will he get to alicante will he put another flight thank-you
    mrs m shawsmith

  4. M Neill dice:

    Husband & I are travelling from Belfast on 29th August to Majorca at 1:55pm. Will we be stuck in Majorca Airport and miss our connecting bus to take us to our hotel or will our flight even get to leave Belfast? Are there any measures in place for passengers for these eventual strikes.

  5. sandra haynes dice:

    My daughter and grandaughter are coming to Alicante on the evening 22 August and arriving Alicante 0005 and returning on 29. How will this affect her flights. Will you fly to Murcia instead or will you cancel her flight?

    Sandra Haynes

  6. Thanos dice:


    I have booked to flight from Newcastle to Majorca at 29 of August (06:00). I heard about the strike and I am worrying…the bad think is that easyjet looks like a desert! You cannot find a person to inform you about the strike. And if you want to change your flight even for one cheaper you have to pay £90!!! Maybe is the worst company in the customer service.

    If someone travelled during the previous weekends of August (8, 9, 15 or 16 of August), please tell me your experience.