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Ryanair’s extra charges earn £650m a year

19 January 2009

The Dublin-based no-frills airline has increased its fees for putting a case in the hold to £30 for a return flight (this includes the airport check-in fee) – up from £5 three years ago. Last year the airline carried 58 million passengers. Assuming similar traffic this year, with around half its passengers still checking in at least one bag per flight, it stands to make at least £435 million in baggage fees. This is based on passengers taking the cheapest option (booking online and carrying only one bag). These charges rise to £60 for those who do not check in online or to £50 for two bags checked in.

Additionally, 75 per cent of passengers pay with credit card that increses the total amount on £217 million – bringing its total revenue from additional charges this year to well over £650 million.

Other charges on Ryanair that have increased include those imposed for flying with sports equipment (doubled since 2006), carrying a baby (now £40 per return flight, up from £32 in 2006) and excess baggage fees (three times higher).


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