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U.S. keeps airline rules for liquids

18 July 2007

U.S. restrictions on liquids carried aboard airliners will stay in place “for the foreseeable future” as authorities test better bomb-detection gear, the Transportation Security Administration said.

Machines reliable enough to screen 2 million passengers a day for liquid explosives “‘don’t exist today in mass quantities,'” TSA spokesman Christopher White said in an interview.

That means carry-on liquids still must be in containers of 3 ounces (89 milliliters) or less, sealed inside a 1-quart (0.95-liter) plastic bag, as they have been since September. A plot in the U.K. to blow up trans-Atlantic jets with liquid explosives spurred an Aug. 10 ban on carry-on fluids, which was replaced with the current rules about a month later.

source: Chicago Tribune

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