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Ryanair fees ‘discriminate’ against British fliers

29 June 2012

Ryanair is charging British travellers nearly 25 per cent more than it charges their counterparts elsewhere in Europe in its numerous fees and charges.

The airline calculates its optional and non-optional fees using an exchange rate of £1 = €1 – a policy adopted when sterling was close to parity with the euro. Since last summer, however, the European debt crisis has seen the pound strengthen steadily to a four-year high against the euro, meaning British travellers are increasingly paying more than residents of Ireland and the Continent.

Ryanair’s charges include a “‘web check-in fee’” and an “‘admin fee’”, the latter avoidable only by passengers who carry a Ryanair Cash Passport. Travellers from Britain pay £12 per person per return flight for the first and £6 per person for the second. Those outside Britain pay €12 and €6, which equates to £9.60 and £4.80.


Ryanair may have to drop ‘one bag’ rule

5 June 2012

Ryanair‘s notorious ”one bag on board” rule could soon be outlawed – because stopping passengers boarding with extra duty free bags is undermining airport retailers’ business.

The European Parliament has voted in favour of legislation that would forbid airlines from insisting all purchases fit in a single carry-on bag.

The proposal now moves to the European Commission, which is to overhaul air passenger rights later this year.

Ryanair currently operates a system whereby if a passenger can’t squeeze everything into a single bag that fits the dimensions of its bag cage, the airline slaps on a €50 charge to put the extra bag in the hold.


Ryanair posts record profit, cautious on outlook

26 May 2012

Budget airline Ryanair reported record profits Monday as its recession-resistant business model continued to attract passengers from higher-fare carriers amid Europe’s debt crisis.

The Dublin-based airline said its net profit for the fiscal year ending March 31 rose nearly 50 percent to €560.4 million ($715 million), the highest figure ever for the 27-year-old airline.

Ryanair ” known for its brash boss and its in-your-face advertising style ” did offer a typically cautious outlook. It forecast that passenger numbers in the current fiscal year would rise a further 5 percent to 79 million, chiefly in the peak April-September period, but rising fuel costs were likely to weaken profits to an annual net figure of between €400 million and €440 million.

source: Associated Press

Ryanair announces service for Chelsea fans for Champions League final

1 May 2012

Ryanair, the Ireland-based budget airline, has announced an addition to its service to Munich, Germany, from London Stansted Airport.

The airline is offering additional flight from London Stansted Airport to Munich for the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Champions League final to be played on May 19, 2012, between English club, Chelsea, and German club, Bayern Munich, at the Allianz Arena in Munich.


New Ryanair probe into state ‘subsidies’

28 April 2012

Europe’s competition watchdog has started its latest probe into whether Ryanair benefits from illegal state subsidies to airports.

The European Commission is to investigate the carrier’s deals with Nimes airport in France, which allegedly gave Ryanair “‘undue economic advantage’” over its competitors at the expense of French taxpayers.

The regulator will probe rebates and marketing agreements between Ryanair and the airport that may have given the airline an “‘undue economic advantage,’” as well as financial arrangements between French authorities and Nimes airport.

EU regulators opened a similar probe into Ryanair’s agreements with Carcassonne airport earlier this month, adding to several reviews of discounts and subsidies offered by small, regional airports across Europe to attract budget airlines.


Ryanair could introduce a take-off tax

21 April 2012

Ryanair passengers face forking out even more money for their flight this summer, even though they have already booked and paid for it.

The budget airline is threatening to impose a surcharge on flights back from Spanish airports in an escalating row over airport fees.

This week, the airline sent an email to customers warning them of the backdated cost.

Ryanair, is now the leading airline between the UK and Spain so the charges could aeffect millions of pople who have already booked their summer flights.


Spanish air tax hike prompts Ryanair to take extra cash from passengers

18 April 2012

Ryanair customers are to face extra charges on flights they have already paid for because of planned increases to airport tax by the Spanish government.

Customers who already have bookings to or from a Spanish airport received an e-mail from the budget airline yesterday, explaining Ryanair may be “‘forced’” to charge more because of “‘government-imposed increases’” expected to come into effect in the next few weeks.

Ryanair claimed it could not give details of how much these charges will be or when they will be made – but told passengers they will be contacted before any money is debited from their accounts.


Ryanair investigated over £10 charge for exit seats

22 March 2012

The seats are popular with travellers as they provide additional leg room, which in turn has encouraged Ryanair to charge passengers for the privilege of sitting there. Fliers occupying those seats are also expected to follow directions and – if necessary – open the doors in the event of an emergency.

However, due to some passengers refusing to pay the extra charge, many Ryanair flights have taken off with those seats vacant. In those cases, passengers in the surrounding rows, further from the exit, are asked to familiarise themselves with the evacuation procedure.


Ryanair rapped over Thomas Cook ad campaign

7 March 2012

An advertising watchdog has reprimanded Irish airline Ryanair over an ad campaign that suggested British travel company Thomas Cook was likely to collapse.

The London-based Advertising Standards Agency says in a judgment Wednesday that Ryanair’s newspaper ads in the run-up to last Christmas misled viewers and denigrated Thomas Cook, which was struggling financially after a string of profit warnings.


Ryanair ‘sexist adverts’ banned after complaints

19 February 2012

Two UK newspaper adverts for budget airline Ryanair have been banned after complaints from readers that they were sexist and treated women as objects.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which received 17 complaints, said they were likely to cause offence.

The adverts showed women posing in bra and pants with the headline “‘Red Hot Fares & Crew! One way from £9.99′”.