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Ryanair fees ‘discriminate’ against British fliers

29 June 2012

Ryanair is charging British travellers nearly 25 per cent more than it charges their counterparts elsewhere in Europe in its numerous fees and charges.

The airline calculates its optional and non-optional fees using an exchange rate of £1 = €1 – a policy adopted when sterling was close to parity with the euro. Since last summer, however, the European debt crisis has seen the pound strengthen steadily to a four-year high against the euro, meaning British travellers are increasingly paying more than residents of Ireland and the Continent.

Ryanair’s charges include a “‘web check-in fee’” and an “‘admin fee’”, the latter avoidable only by passengers who carry a Ryanair Cash Passport. Travellers from Britain pay £12 per person per return flight for the first and £6 per person for the second. Those outside Britain pay €12 and €6, which equates to £9.60 and £4.80.


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