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Olympics-Airlines warn of Olympic chaos at London airports

18 March 2012

The heads of four leading airlines have warned the British government there could be chaos at London’s airports during this summer’s Olympic Games, which would cause major embarrassment to the country unless a deal can be reached over their concerns.

In a blunt letter to transport chiefs, British Airways , bmi, Virgin Atlantic and Easyjet said time was running out to tackle the expected surge in air traffic and its impact.

Failure to address their concerns could bring misery to millions of regular travellers and those coming to London for the world’s biggest sporting event, the airlines argue.

Britain, already the sixth most visited country in the world, anticipates an additional 700,000 international travellers during the Olympics, which begin on July 27.

source: Reuters

Una respuesta a “Olympics-Airlines warn of Olympic chaos at London airports”

  1. Chris Pickering dice:

    The UK infrastructure is outdated and likely to struggle to support the additional passengers? Possibly, but the Olympics will also require us to plan ahead.