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Ryanair ‘extras’ increase by 700%

10 April 2010

Extra charges on Ryanair flights have increased by up to 700 per cent since 2006, it emerged this week.

The airline has announced it will increase the fee to check in luggage by 33 per cent – to £40 per bag per return flight – during the peak travel months of July and August. This compares with the original £5 charge in 2006.

Passenger must also now pay a £10 online check-in fee per return flight (not payable on “‘promotional fares'”), a charge that did not exist in 2006. A fee of £10 per person per return flight is also added to all payments made by credit or debit card, with the exception of those involving prepaid MasterCard debit cards. This compares with a charge of £3.50 per person per return flight in 2006.

On top of these charges, the airline has again said it plans to install coin-operated lavatories on its fleet, charging customers £1 a time to use them


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