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News of October 2009

Japanese airline All Nippon wants passengers to use bathroom pre-flight

9 October 2009

All Nippon Airways (ANA) says if half its travelers used the bathroom before hopping on the plane, it would reduce carbon dioxide by 4.2 tons per month.

The unorthodox request is all part of the airline’s “e-Flight” promotional program to reduce the amount of carbon that is expelled each day on its twice-a-day international flights to Singapore and its 38 domestic routes.

As another part of the program, the airline is using recycled paper cups and plastic bottles, and eliminating glass bottles. In-flight educational films also will be shown, and passengers are encouraged to pack light.


Lufthansa to take control of BMI

4 October 2009

Lufthansa will take full control of BMI British Midland by buying a 20 per cent stake from Scandinavian carrier SAS, a move that will give the German carrier freedom to decide the fate of its Heathrow subsidiary.

Europe’s largest airline will pay SAS  38m ($61m), half for the stake and the other half for SAS relinquishing rights codified in a shareholder agreement in 1999, both airlines said wi thout giving further details.

Taking over the secondlargest UK carrier appears to put Lufthansa into direct competition with British Airways at its Heathrow hub.


European regulators object to airlines’ plans

4 October 2009

The European Commission’s competition authorities have raised concerns about the transatlantic plans of British Airways, American Airlines and Iberia.

The Oneworld alliance members want to operate as a joint business on flights between the EU and North America.

The Commission confirmed that it was still looking into similar plans for co-operation by Star Alliance members Lufthansa, Continental, United and Air Canada and between Skyteam members Air France/KLM and Delta/Northwest.

source: BBC News

Frontier Airlines set to emerge from bankruptcy

1 October 2009

Frontier Airlines is set to exit bankruptcy protection on Thursday as part of Republic Airways, which seems determined to run an efficient airline even if it ruffles some feathers in the process.

By buying Frontier, Republic is transforming itself from a regional jet hauler of travelers for other airlines into a carrier that competes for its own passengers. Earlier this year it bought Milwaukee-based Midwest Airlines, too.

source: Associated Press

Ryanair removes check-in desks

1 October 2009

Ryanair will remove its airport check-in desks from today, with charges for checking in baggage set to rise.

Passengers will be forced to check in for flights online at a cost of £5, with those forgetting to do so facing an emergency check in fee of £40. Anyone checking in luggage will have to use the airline’s new “bag drop” desks.

Ryanair also announced that from today children under 16 will no longer be able to travel unaccompanied, while passports will be the only accepted form of photo identification.