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Ryanair increases bag fees by 50%

7 September 2009

Ryanair is to increase the fees it charges to check in bags and sporting equipment from 1 October by up to 50%.

The airline is to increase the fee for checking in a bag to £15 from £10 now if booked in advance online and to £30 from £20 now if you pay at the airport.

Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara said: “‘These baggage fees are all avoidable by all passengers who choose to travel with carry on luggage only. Over 70% of Ryanair passengers will be totally unaffected by these changes as they already travel with just one carry on bag, which is free of charge.’”

source: Times Online

Una respuesta a “Ryanair increases bag fees by 50%”

  1. nick dice:

    DAA posted Ryanair’s airport charges at Dublin airport and precised that “during the same three-year period, according to recent independently verified figures, Ryanair’s own charges have exploded” :

    • Ryanair’s baggage check-in charge has increased by 600% since 2006
    • The charge for using a credit card to book a Ryanair flight has increased by 285% since 2006
    • The cost of changing a Ryanair flight booking has increased by 66% since 2006
    • The cost of carrying sports equipment on a Ryanair flight has increased by 97% since 2006