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News of April 2009

Picnic protest over airport plan

26 April 2009

Sixty climate campaigners have held a picnic in the check-in hall at Leeds Bradford Airport in a protest over its planned expansion.

The airport wants to build a £28m two-storey extension to the terminal building which would house an improved check-in area and departure lounge.

The expansion is part of a wider £70m, five-year investment package for the airport.

Source: BBC

Competition watchdogs probe airline alliances

22 April 2009

Competition authorities on both sides of the North Atlantic are struggling to respond to the growing efforts by some of the biggest airlines in Europe and the US to deepen their transatlantic cooperation.

The decision this week by the European Commission to launch two formal antitrust proceedings against planned airline deals among core carriers in the Star and Oneworld alliances, respectively, highlights the confusion and the very different approaches being taken by US and European Union competition agencies.

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Budget airline Ryanair considers ‘fat tax’ for overweight passengers

22 April 2009

Overweight passengers may soon have to pay a ‘fat tax‘ or even purchase a second ticket to fly with budget airline Ryanair.

The low-cost European carrier is considering an excess weight fee for very large customers after 30,000 people voted in favour of the measure on its website.

More than 100,000 passengers gave on-line feedback on various cost-cutting ideas put forward by Ryanair. Almost one in three people polled thought obese and overweight people should be charged more for tickets.


Luton Airport to charge for dropping passengers at terminal

8 April 2009

Luton Airport is to become the first UK airport to charge drivers for dropping passengers off at the terminal.Motorists will have to pay £1, which will allow them to spend just 10 minutes in the refurbished drop off zone.

The “kiss and drop” levy will be enforced by barriers which will take payment as the driver leaves. It is due to come into force later this month and comes within weeks of the same airport unveiling plans to allow passengers to jump the security queue for £3.


BA and Virgin propose carbon trading for airlines

8 April 2009

BA and Virgin Atlantic are among five groups taking the lead in volunteering to be included in global climate change agreement that could open the way for extending the growing emissions trading system to the airline industry.

Environmental groups have strongly criticised airlines for their reluctance to take a climate change initiative. Airlines are estimated to account for just 2pc of global pollution but with the EU planning to include aviation in its emissions trading scheme from 2012 there is growing pressure for airlines to fall in line.source: