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JetBlue starts selling blankets and pillows

9 August 2008

JetBlue Airways said Monday that it planned to begin charging for pillow and blanket sets on flights of two hours or longer. The $7 sets, which passengers can keep and reuse, include a 10-by-12 inch pillow, a fleece blanket and a $5 coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond.

Buying the sets will be the only option for airline slumberers who do not tote their own; pillows and blankets will no longer be distributed free.


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Una respuesta a “JetBlue starts selling blankets and pillows”

  1. elo dice:

    This actually wouldn’t dissuade me at all from flying JetBlue. And
    lots of people would be able to use the gift certificate to Bed, Bath
    & Beyond.
    Dr. Tantillo (‘the marketing doctor’) did two posts on his branding
    blog ( a while back, criticizing
    JetBlue for their frequent flyer program, which is a bit of a dirty
    trick (I coughed up the $40/year to get their credit card and be able
    to keep the miles I accumulate):
    But this particular move is very straight-forward and doesn’t seem
    inconsistent at all with JetBlue’s brand.