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Airports easing baggage limits

6 January 2008

A total of 22 airports across the UK, including Heathrow, Glasgow and Manchester, will lift hand baggage restrictions on Monday.

However, a ban on the carrying of any liquids, creams or gels of more than 100g in hand or cabin baggage remains in place.

Passengers were told that they could only take one item of luggage with them on flights after increased security measures were introduced over a plot to bomb planes in the summer of 2006.

The Department for Transport (DFT) has said it believes that 22 airports were able to meet new increased security guidelines and are permitted to lift the restrictions. But the rule will still be in force at the north terminal at Gatwick airport as engineering works have resulted in delays in the introduction of new measures.


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  1. Marlen dice:

    Please, What limit Luftgansa baggage passenger to Russia from USA?