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More airlines offer a good night’s sleep, flat-bed seats

12 December 2007

United Airlines became the first U.S. carrier last month to offer flat-bed seats in international business cabins. Delta is planning to begin introducing flat-bed seats in business class starting next year. And American is continuing to replace some of its business-class seats with angled lie-flat seats.

The perks of airborne beds go beyond peaceful sleep. Singapore Airlines’ new Airbus A380 has suites with double beds, sliding doors, wardrobes and window blinds. Virgin Atlantic offers its Upper Class, or business class, passengers ground transportation, in-flight massages, and a clubhouse at the airport where they can shower, dine and check email.

A good night’s sleep on an overnight flight can make the difference in how well business executives function the next day, said Buckman. But he said vacationers are taking advantage of the beds as well. While there is no hanky-panky allowed, even with double-bed suites, “‘that honeymoon to Hong Kong is definitely more enjoyable and less stressful ” for the happy couple if they can get there and back a little easier and more comfortably,'” Buckman said.

source: USA today

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