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European October airline traffic up 4.9 pct year-on-year

17 December 2007

European airline traffic rose by 4.9 pct in October from a year earlier, the Association of European Airlines (AEA) said, adding that passenger traffic looks set to rise by 5 pct, or slightly more, for the full year.

Cross-border European traffic remained strong at 7.5 pct, AEA noted, and the North Atlantic was uncharacteristically buoyant with a 5.9 pct increase.

In the Far East, growth slipped below recent levels at 1.3 pct, but headed for a 3 pct rise for the full year, and a 7.3 pct increase in the South Atlantic for October will not deflect progress towards a year-end growth ”well into double figures”, AEA said.

source: Forbes

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