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Continental Airlines expands eTicket capabilities

16 October 2007

Continental Airlines today announced that interline eTicket capabilities have been implemented with DragonAir, its 100th eTicket partner, and that it is nearing its target to have all interline agreements eTicketable by the end of the year.

“‘While completing our 100th eTicket partnership is an important milestone, Continental is more focused on completing eTicket development with all of our interline partners,'” said Mark Erwin, senior vice president, Corporate Development. “‘With just over a dozen carriers remaining, Continental is committed to refining the customer’s experience with truly convenient, paperless travel on all itineraries.'”

Interline eTickets permit customers to fly and check baggage on Continental and other carriers on a single paperless eTicket itinerary.

Today, Continental passengers are already taking advantage of convenient eTickets, which reduce loss, theft and paperwork hassles for both the customer and the airline. Currently, over 99 percent of Continental’s customers systemwide travel on eTickets. eTickets are valid at all of the more than 280 airports served by Continental around the world.

source: CNN

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