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Advertising Gets High with Ryanair Ads

28 August 2007

Airlines are offering an increasing number of ways for advertisers to reach travelers while they’re in the air. US Airways and AirTran both recently began selling ads on napkins and on stickers that can be found on open tray tables. European low-fare carrier Ryanair sells ads on the covers of the overhead baggage compartments and on the backs of closed tray tables, according to the International Herald Tribune.

The Ryanair tray table ads are sold by InviseoMedia, which also sells space on another low-cost airline, Germanwings. Advertisers such as Microsoft, DaimlerChrysler, HP and German travel website HRS have advertised on them. The ads on the overhead bins are sold by Fourth Edition, and have seen such advertisers as ING, Red Bull and Meteor Mobile.


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