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EU starts program targeting 40% cut in airline C02 emissions

22 June 2007

Airline manufacturers should aim for 40% cuts in C02 emissions from present levels thanks to new technology available by 2015, the European Commission said Wednesday.

The ambitious target is part of the commission’s campaign against climate change and its recently announced EUR1.6 billion

public-private “‘Clean Sky'” plan to help the air transport industry develop environmentally friendly technology for planes.

Research Commissioner Janez Potocnik announced the emission-cut goals at the Le Bourget Air Show, the commission said in a statement.

In addition to the 40% cut in CO2, the commission said it was aiming for a 60% cut in Nitrogen Oxide emissions and a 50% reduction in noise. The aviation industry accounts for 4% of annual greenhouse gas emissions, the commission said.

source: CNN

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