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Goodbye British Airways, hello a better airline

19 May 2007

For the sake of its staff, its customers and its shareholders, it is time to take the British out of British Airways.

This defenestration is not intended as a punishment, but as a liberation. The airline, rebranded as BA and rebooted as a global carrier challenging for dominance in Europe, could finally unburden itself of its lingering tendency to expect more from Government than it gets, recast its relationship with the British people and refocus attention on the many things it is getting right.

For BA, under the leadership of Willie Walsh has been a success. Since he took over in 2005, the company has reduced debt levels to their lowest in nearly 20 years, halved the pension deficit, renegotiated working practices with the vast majority of staff ahead of the move to Terminal 5 and seen its share price rise by 66 per cent.


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