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Flight attendant wins sex harassment lawsuit

11 May 2007

A former Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant has been awarded $510,000 by a Circuit Court jury in a sexual harassment case involving a pilot and the airline.

The former attendant reported to her supervisors that the pilot, Gary J. Kissinger, grabbed her buttock while passengers were leaving the plane after an interisland flight.

According to the woman’s attorneys, Bruce Kim and Ronald Albu, her supervisors didn’t take any action to protect her. The attendant claimed the company failed to take her complaint seriously when she reported Kissinger had sexually harassed her and that he was not adequately reprimanded for his actions.

source: msnbc

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  1. LEE dice:

    if anyone has the information on how to get in contact with these attorneys Bruce Kim and Ronald Albu could you please email me at
    i have a case similar to this one but it has to do with a major bank , my wife reported the touching and feeling of also the grabbing of her buttock to her supervisors they made it like she did something wrong and are forcing her to resign ,, again my email address is ,, this happened in the new york area ,, or if you could refer another laywer that would be great ,

  2. Daniel dice:

    Sorry, I can not help you on that. You can post a message in the Trabber forum. Maybe some Trabber users can help you.