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Low-cost airlines expand routes, frequency

13 March 2007

National air carrier Czech Airlines (ÄŒSA) last year again carried the largest number of passengers (more than 5.3 million) to and from the Czech capital, Prague. Domestic Travel Service, which operates under the Smart Wings brand, followed with 997,000 cleared passengers. U.K.’s easyJet Airline Company was next, followed by Germany’s Deutsche Lufthansa and the U.K.’s British Airways.

Slovakia’s SkyEurope Airlines, which last year in April became the third airline with a base in Prague next to domestic ÄŒSA and Smart Wings, was number two in terms of the number of transported passengers by low-cost airlines after leader easyJet. SkyEurope Airlines carried more than 297,000 passengers in less than nine months, according to statistics provided by LetiÅ¡tÄ› Praha.

source: CBW

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