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British Airways drops Heathrow flights a third day

22 December 2006

British Airways Plc canceled about 40 percent of its short-haul flying schedule at London Heathrow airport during a third day of disruption caused by dense fog, stranding thousands of passengers at Europe’s busiest airport.

British Airways, Europe’s third-biggest airline, is operating all long-haul flights, and is using twin-aisle planes to boost capacity on some short-haul routes from Heathrow. The three days of cancellations, including all U.K. domestic flights, will reduce earnings for the carrier this quarter, said Cathy West, a British Airways spokeswoman who declined to specify when an estimate will be released.

source: Bloomberg

2 respuestas a “British Airways drops Heathrow flights a third day”

  1. alice shakespear dice:

    This is no surprise. With my current experiences with BA, they will have a much larger loss. I will NEVER again fly with them and as soon/IF they ever find my luggage, I am cutting all ties. It has been 5 days…and counting and STILL none of my children’s Christmas presents that were in my luggage have been located. Explain that to kids on Christ mas day!!

  2. Daniel dice:

    Hi Alice,

    Thanks for your comment. It seems that there was a big chaos in Heathrow in the last days. We hope the airport recovers soon.