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Airlines reduce fuel surcharges as oil price drops

15 October 2006

Lufthansa has reduced its fuel surcharge for long-haul flights from 62 to 52 â?¬ per sector. The airline says the move is â??’in response to the sustained drop in crude oil prices over the past several weeks’â?. The change takes effect from October 16. The surcharge for German domestic and intra-European flights will remain unchanged at twelve euros per sector.

Meanwhile, Singapore Airlines says it is dropping its surcharge from US$60 to US$54 per sector for flights booked after October 14.

The airline said: â??’In recent weeks, the price of jet fuel has dropped, although the price is still substantially higher than when the decision to impose surcharges was first made. Collections from the fuel surcharges have only ever given partial relief from the cost increase as a result of the high price of jet fuel.’â?

Air France has also reduced its surcharge. Because oil has stayed below $65 a barrel for 30 consecutive days, it is rolling back its most recent surcharge increase. The surcharges are now 16 â?¬ per flight on its domestic and European network, 46 â?¬ on long haul flights between France and US and 49 â?¬ per flight to other destinations.
fuente: Times Online

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