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Singapore Air in dispute with pilots over A380 pay

25 September 2006

Singapore Airlines, the world’s second-biggest airline by market value, said on Monday it was seeking court arbitration to settle a dispute with its pilots over pay and benefits for flying its new A380 superjumbo planes.Singapore Airlines has ordered 19 of Airbus’ double-decker A380 aircraft and will be the first airline to fly the new plane next year.

“The company is seeking to have some differences with Air Line Pilots Association-Singapore (Alpa-S) over proposed pay scales for A380 pilots adjudicated. We hope that the outstanding issues can be resolved quickly,” Singapore Airlines said in a statement.

Singapore daily The Straits Times said on Monday that Alpa-S, which it said represents 1,600 pilots, is upset because the airline is proposing to pay the pilots less than what a Boeing 747 captain makes, although the airline’s A380s, with just under 480 seats, will carry about 100 more passengers than its 747s.

source: Reuters

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