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Low-cost airlines flock to Spain

11 September 2006

Spain is poised to become the next battleground for budget airlines, with the price of internal flights expected to tumble. After years in which Iberia, the Spanish flag-carrier, has had the internal market nearly to itself, half a dozen low-cost carriers are moving in, including easyJet, Ryanair, Spanair, Vueling and Air Europa.

EasyJet is investing â?¬100 million (£68 million) to make Madridâ??s Barajas airport its new hub in Spain. The British low-cost carrier is expected to shake up the Spanish market this week by unveiling a string of new routes from Madrid, both domestic and international. The company is thought to have been granted slots to fly from Madrid to the Canary Islands and the northern cities of Asturias and Bilbao. EasyJet will make the new routes public this week, but promises that they will transform Spainâ??s domestic air travel market.

source: Times On Line

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