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Turkish Airlines drops bid for Lot

5 June 2012

Lot Polish Airlines is trying to find another potential buyer after Turkish Airlines announced that it was backing away from plans to buy the loss making carrier.

Several Turkish analysts said the news did not hit their expectations about Turkish Airlines, because they failed to see the benefits behind the planned acquisition.


Turkish Airlines aircraft safe after hijack attempt

6 January 2011

A Turkish Airlines flight from Oslo to Istanbul is safe, after a passenger threatened to blow up the aircraft in mid-air unless it returned to Oslo.

A man tried to hijack the plane with 59 passengers on board, saying he was rigged with explosives. He then tried to smash his way into the cockpit of the Boeing 737-800 but was tackled by several passengers who manged to subdue him.

source: Sofia Echo

Turkish Airlines flight attendants must lose weight or lose their jobs

10 August 2010

Turkish Airlines has told 28 flight attendants that they must shape up or ship out.

The employees ” 15 men and 13 women ” have been given six months to lose weight. In the meantime, they’ve been placed on unpaid leave.

If the crew members fail to lose sufficient weight, they will be taken off flights and assigned to ground positions.

“‘Weight and height are important factors at all airlines. These criteria are important both in terms of appearance and the ability to move about,’” Turkish Airlines said in a statement.

source: Orlando