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US Airways files antitrust suit against Sabre

25 April 2011

US Airways Group Inc. filed an antitrust suit against Sabre Holdings, a global airfare distributor that acts as a middleman between airlines and travel agents.

According to the complaint, Sabre threatened to bar US Airways’ access to its distribution channel if the airline didn’t agree in a new contract to exclusionary restrictions that would protect Sabre from competition.

The new contract was signed in February after US Airways was “‘forced to acquiesce,’” the filing said.

Sabre “‘imposes significant economic penalties’” on travel agents if they try to book tickets outside its channel, the airline said.


American Airlines, Sabre working together again

26 January 2011

A messy legal battle between American Airlines and Sabre, a travel-data provider, is now on hold.

Earlier this month, American sued Southlake-based Sabre Holdings Group after the company said it planned to stop distributing information about American flights later this year.

A statement issued by American on Monday said the litigation is now on hold until June 1 while the companies attempt to work out a new agreement.