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Fury as more are caught in Ryanair card charges trap

20 September 2011

Consumer groups have reacted angrily to moves by budget airline Ryanair to make it more difficult for passengers to avoid credit card fees when buying tickets.

It had been possible to avoid the fee by using any prepaid MasterCard, but the airline has said that from November only customers using its own prepaid MasterCard – called the ‘Ryanair Cash Passport‘ – will avoid the fee.

source: This is Money

Ryanair debit card launched as only way of avoiding airline surcharges

15 September 2011

From November, anyone hoping to book a Ryanair flight at the advertised price will have to pay using a ‘Ryanair Cash Passport’.

Only by using this card will customers avoid the £12 per person extra the airline charges to issue a return flight ticket. At present, they have to use a pre-paid Electron Mastercard to avoid the surcharge.

Airlines were warned recently by the Office of Fair Trading that they will be taken to the High Court if they persist in making payment surcharges.