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Electric car rental scheme hits Paris

11 December 2011

Pay-as-you-drive electric car rentals are expected to help cut pollution and reduce traffic in Paris, as the new fleet of fully electric Autiolib’ vehicles hits the French capital.

From last week, Parisians could take the bubble cars for a ride from more than 1,200 parking spots where they rest for recharge.

A subscription cost €10 a day or €15 a week, while an annual subscription of €144 subscription allows users to take the car for only half an hour each time for €5, just over the price of two underground tickets.

The Autolib’ system builds on the success of the Velib’ bicycle-sharing service and could provide a shop window for entrepreneur Vincent Bolloré and his nascent car battery business.


Rental cars ‘more eco-friendly’ than privately-owned motors

7 December 2011

Rental cars in the UK are safer and used more efficiently than some other types of vehicle, new research has revealed.

Conducted by TRL on behalf of the ‘British Vehicle Rental’ and Leasing Association (BVRLA), a study found rented motors emit 12 per cent fewer emissions than their privately-owned counterparts.

Because they are used more frequently they are cost efficient, while they are often newer and better maintained.


Paris to launch electric car share program

5 December 2011

Paris is launching an electric car sharing program to cut air and noise pollution on the city’s medieval cobblestone streets and beyond.

‘Autolib’, a project built on the success of the city’s bike rental scheme, makes its debut today and officials want the self-service ‘e-cars’ to be as much a part of Paris life as the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame Cathedral.

While many world cities have been developing greener alternatives to carbon-emitting vehicles, Paris says its program is the biggest of its kind: 250 vehicles hit the road on Monday, 2000 are expected by next summer and 3000 are planned within the next two years.