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Lufthansa app for iPad now

5 July 2011

Lufthansa will be offering a free mobile application (app) for all iPad users Рwith numerous functionalities and services centred on flying with Lufthansa. Individual  functions have been tailored to iPad specifics, giving iPad users a totally new experience.

The central feature of the iPad app is an interactive world map for users to finger-tap intuitively and explore the entire Lufthansa route network.

“‘Utilisation of these services and flight bookings on smartphones and tablet computers, like the iPad is coming increasingly to the fore in online sales'” emphasised Marcus Casey, Head of Online Sales at ¬†Lufthansa.


Commercial airlines look to Apple’s iPad for paperless cockpits

14 March 2011

With the ‘Federal Aviation Administration’ granting early approval for the use of the iPad in airplane cockpits, major commercial airline companies like Delta are exploring the possibility of using Apple’s touchscreen tablet to ditch paper maps entirely.

Delta Air Lines is pursuing approval to test iPads and other tablet-style devices in its airline cockpits next quarter. The news comes just after the FAA endorsed the use of the iPad in a test project at Executive Jet Management.


Airline alliance offers timetables on iPad

19 January 2011

The Oneworld alliance has launched a new iPad app, allowing flyers to view the schedules of all of its airlines on the device’s large display.

Using the free app, passengers can search for and view schedules for the nearly 10,000 flights operated daily by members of the Oneworld alliance, which includes American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Iberia and Japan Airlines.