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IndiGo makes record commercial aircraft order from Airbus

14 January 2011

In a statement this week, Airbus said that Indian carrier IndiGo ordered 180 A320s from the carrier. Of the total, 150 will be A320neo’s and 30 will be A320s.

Airbus said that the order is the single largest order in commercial aviation history. A typical A320 goes for $81.7 million per, and tack on an additional $6 million per for the A320neo. Arithmetic brings us to a total purchase price of $14.89 billion.

Airbus claims that the A320neo has specially designed wing tip devices, named Sharklets, that will deliver up to 15% in fuel savings, among other engine and operational variants that add to efficiency. IndiGo is the first airline to make a purchase of the new model.