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AirTran ranks #1 US airline for second year in a row

13 April 2012

Airlines, led by low-cost carrier AirTran Airways, are doing a better job of getting passengers to their destinations on time, with their bags, and with fewer complaints, private researchers who have analyzed federal data on airline performance said this week.

It was the second year in a row that AirTran topped the rankings of the nation’s 15 largest airlines included in the annual report.

Hawaiian Airlines and JetBlue Airways also repeated their performance from the previous year, ranking second and third, respectively.


America’s most punctual airlines revealed

14 February 2011

Flights in the US were more on time in 2010 than in 2009, according to figures released February 10 by the US Department for Transportation, with Hawaiian taking the top spot.

The 18 major carriers in the US reported 79.8 percent of flights were on time last year, compared to 79.5 in 2009, despite several significant disruptions to travel caused by severe weather.

The most on-time airline (92.5 percent) was Hawaiian Airlines, taking the award for the seventh straight year – no doubt helped by nearly-permanent good weather at its hub at Honolulu International Airport.