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News of August 2013

Shipping luggage may be cheaper than airline baggage fees

25 August 2013

Passengers could save ­hundreds of pounds by using private couriers to ship their luggage to their destination rather than paying baggage charges on budget airlines.

An investigation by Which? revealed the increasingly high costs of taking luggage in the hold could be cut by sending bags in advance rather than ­paying out to transport them on the plane.  The savings of using a courier are even greater, if  holidaymakers take sports equipment such as golf clubs, etc…

However, sending luggage by courier can take much longer than checking it in at the airport.

Scoot Airlines offers child free zone

24 August 2013

Scoot Airlines, a budget airline based in Singapore will start a no children zone on their air crafts.

The new product is called ScootinSilence and takes up rows 21-25, located behind the ScootBiz cabin. All of the seats offer extended legroom of 35-inches – four more than economy – and are upholstered in yellow.

The cabin also has an age limit of 12 and over, a move which the airline hopes will create a quiet zone.

The price for a ScootinSilence seat is an additional S$18 (US$14) on top of the regular economy fare.